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Crash landed on Batuu far on the Galaxy’s edge. Finally got to check out the new Star Wars themed section of Disney’s Hollywood Studios and I was very impressed. It was much bigger than I thought and was so very detailed around every nook and cranny. It has its own map detailing the layout of the land and where to locate everything. Cast-members will hand you a map upon entering Batuu. I also loved how the Star Wars characters roamed free throughout the land and interacted with all the guests.

Galaxy’s Edge Travelers Guide
Defending the galaxy with Rey

For our first trip to a Batuu I really underestimated the size and scope of the land. It’s really a huge part of the park. We only carved out a couple hours for the land, but we could’ve spent way more time in there exploring. For this first visit we were able to snag a reservation to Oga’s Cantina, which we reserved in advance on My Disney Experience, and we did single rider on Smuggler’s Run attraction.

The Market
Droids on Batuu

Oga’s Cantina

After checking in for our reservation at the Cantina, we waited just a few minutes before we were taken inside. The Cantina entrance was hidden behind a closed door and there are no windows so you really don’t see anything until you walk in giving it the full effect upon entering. The ambiance inside, lighting, and music made it an overall super fun experience.

Oga’s Cantina

My only negative review of the Cantina was the seating arrangements. I knew ahead of time you may have to share table space with other parties. However, we were sat in a back corner, far away from all the action, and we were told very strictly (several times) we were not allowed to move from our section.

Oga’s Cantina

Due to the popularity of the bar, the current amount of time you can spend inside the Cantina is 45 minutes and your party is limited to ordering 2 drinks per person during the time frame. I’m not sure if this policy will change anytime soon, but I felt it was plenty of time to cool off, enjoy the Cantina and get back into Batuu to keep exploring.

Oga’s Cantina

Pro Tip: When you check in for your reservation be sure to request a seat at the actual bar or table top near DJ R3X (Rex). Even if you need to wait a few extra minutes, it’ll make the experience much better. I will definitely plan to request there next time!

Fuzzy Tauntaun

I chose the Fuzzy Tauntaun drink. The drink itself was delicious, but caution the fuzzy foam on top does make your lips extremely tingly, almost to where they get numb. For my second drink I ordered another Tauntaun, but I asked for no foam on top this time, which they had no problem doing. Asking for light foam on top may be a good choice too to get the fuzzy feeling without it being too strong.

Leo tried to the Yub Nub which is served in a souvenir glass, regardless of whether you choose to buy the souvenir glass or not. It tasted like a jolly rancher, seriously so good. If you don’t keep the souvenir glass your drink is $15. If you keep the glass it’s $45 ($15 for the drink plus $30 for the glass.) We both loved our drinks!

Smuggler’s Run

After leaving the Cantina we heading toward Smuggler’s Run, located directly to the left of the Millenium Falcon. The current wait time was 75 minutes at that point, so we opted to do single rider line. Smuggler’s Run takes 6 people per ride and most families loading were parties of 4, so I found they were often picking 2 single riders at a time to join in. So it worked out Leo and I ended up on the same ride.

Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run
We were selected to be engineers on our flight.

Star Wars Style

For my first trip to a Batuu I really wanted to wear a vintage looking Star Wars tee paired with a star print tulle skirt. I searched high and low and (after a couple failed attempts) finally found the perfect skirt for my look on Amazon. It was the perfect amount of tulle for taking some fun twirl photos.

The skirt is one size fits all with an elastic waistband and it fit me comfortably. Before we got to Batuu I wore it on Tower of Terror and Rock n Roller Coaster with no problem. For reference I’m a size 8/10. I also ordered the black and white colors in this particular skirt for some future looks. Links on where to find the items below!

The Millennium Falcon is really the most popular spot for photos in Batuu, but there’s so many details and hidden corners you can really get creative and take some great photos all over the new land. I’m excited to get back soon for my next trip to the Galaxy’s Edge and explore more of what the new land has to offer.

The Market

Star Wars Tee: Junk Food Clothing

Pink Star Tulle Skirt: Amazon

White Leather Sneakers: Adidas

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